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If you decide to divorce or hen you are faced with the death of a loved one, you have a lot to cope with. Settling a separation, a divorce or an estate can be complex and emotional. In that case, you need sound advice from an experienced lawyer or mediator.

LYS Advocaten specialises in all fields of family and inheritance law, also at an international level. The focus of our work is the settlement of complex divorces and estates.

Together, we have more than 100 years of experience.

Finding the right structure together


Disputes in the fields of family and inheritance law are of a personal nature and often involve emotions. And there is always a risk of escalation. We want to avoid that, even more so when children are involved. This is why we will always commit to a consultative structure such as mediation, the collaborative divorce (collaborative practice), or consultation with all parties involved to reach a lasting solution.

However, sometimes litigation is the only solution. In that case, we will try our utmost to ensure that justice is served on you.

We are aware that a separation, or divorce, or estate settlement requires a multidisciplinary approach. After all, relational, financial, tax, and legal aspects are at stake. We have been trained in a wide range of fields and work with an extensive network of other professionals. These include auditors, financials, tax experts, psychologists, coaches, etc.

How can we assist you

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Focus on your situation

We will discuss and agree the costs, benefits, risks, and feasibility of a desired course of action with you.  We will take over complex matters and leave you to focus on the changes ahead.

Our work is based on trust. This is why good chemistry between a lawyer or mediator and a client(s) is very important. You will have a non-committal introductory meeting – either in person or by telephone – with one of our lawyers to discuss what your requirements are.